Lighting up TV screens.



Producing an ad with impact for Yours Clothing.

We’d worked on several campaigns with plus-size womenswear retailer Yours Clothing when they asked us to pitch for a TV ad.

In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, our idea was to elevate the brand by presenting them as the choice of bold, confident, style-savvy women who know they look great – regardless of their size.



TV ad


Following a casting session, we choose our model and headed to a warehouse location in Manchester to shoot with The Gate Films.

The ad showed the model in a range of outfits to showcase Yours’ latest collection. In the vast warehouse space she was surrounded by flickering light bulbs. In reality there were 20 bulbs, made to look like 200 in post-production. We also brought in an electrician to rig the bulbs with detonators.

As the ad built up to a crescendo in time to the soundtrack, the model looked straight into the camera and asked – ‘well, how do I look?’ The answer was so hot that she caused a surge in power triggering the light bulbs to explode. Showering the model – and the warehouse floor – in a dazzling cascade of light.

Behind the Scenes

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